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High on Heels - 2014-09-04 | Contributed by Electricgurl
Sometimes a man's gotta do something that's out of the ordinary. Sometimes he has to push himself. Sometimes a man's gotta walk into a shoe store and buy a pair of heels.
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Ladies, flaunt your legs with stockings - 2014-09-04 | Contributed by Electricgurl
That nip in the air is back, which means it's time to cover up. But that doesn't mean that fashionistas who have been wearing shorts and skirts over the summer have to give up doing that entirely. All they need to do is grab a pair of stockings that 80s wardrobe staple that has now made a fashion comeback and wear them over their legs.
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Tell All: Foot fetish, ewww! - 2014-09-04 | Contributed by Electricgurl
I'm uneasy with my boyfriend's new obsession.
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What to Wear at a Job Interview After a Certain Age - 2014-09-04 | Contributed by Electricgurl
Q: I am just over 60, looking to change jobs after working at one office for a number of years. I know there is rampant age discrimination and I don't want to play into that. The last time I interviewed I wore a conservative-cut navy suit, but I'm not certain what is appropriate now. I want my clothes to boost my resume but not scream. What do you recommend I wear?
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No Thanks: 8 Products Women Have Stopped Buying - 2014-09-04 | Contributed by Electricgurl
Sorry, Kate Middleton, not everyone is on board with your nude pantyhose trend. In the last five years, control-top pantyhose purchases have plummeted by 47%
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