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Will pantyhose ever come back? - 2014-04-16 | Contributed by RunningTights
I was wondering why have women and girls all turned away from pantyhose and nylons. Is this just a fad and they will come back?rnrnrn
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Does Wearing Panty Hose Matter? - 2014-04-16 | Contributed by RunningTights
As a college student, my colleague's daughter has declared that never in her life will she wear hose or panty hose - never. Bare legs with dresses or pants rule the day. As a result of her insistence, I began to notice at professional business meetings whether women wore hose - or not, any more.
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Statement Tights Are Getting Big for Fall 2014 - 2014-02-02 | Contributed by Electricgurl
Fashion tends to give itself a safe zone. In it, we're allowed to do whatever we want - even if it involves gold leaf, watercolors, or 3D accents. In 2013, that no-judgment zone was nail art, and we welcomed everything from little eyes to snowflakes onto our merry nails. This year, if market forecasts for fall 2014 are any indication, our fashion safe zone may just be tights.
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