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The Rise Of The Tech Superwoman - 2015-02-01 | Contributed by Electricgurl
NOT PANTYHOSE RELEVANT (but this article caught my eye)...rnrnA curious thing has happened in Silicon Valley. Despite the fact that there are tons of fabulous women leading today's most innovative tech companies, we (both the media and general public) seem to have collectively latched onto two or three. Can you guess who they are?
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Miley Cyrus Tries To Sell You Pantyhose By Taking Off Her Skirt! - 2015-01-11 | Contributed by Electricgurl
If anybody can make control-top nylons sexy, we guess it's Miley Cyrus. You already saw her strutting around in nothing but pantyhose for the Golden Lady commercial, but the latest released print ads are pretty hot in their own right!
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